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Licensed Covid-19 Test Kit


The Nebula Group are doing our part to support first responders, Government agencies, National Guard, Police, NGO´s and others in the frontlines and the global response to the coronavirus pandemic.

We are selling licensed SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Test Kit.

Please note!
… that we only handle bulk orders and do NOT sell to individuals.


Contact information for orders outside Europe

South America, Central America and Mexico:
Contact Nebula Group Guyana:
– Russell Hanks at (Portuguese and English)
– or Michael Scadden (Spanish and English) m.scadden

North America:
On the West Coast contact:
– Bajun Mavalwalla at or +1 (415) 716-6432

In the Southwestern United States, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico contact:
– Michael Scadden or +1 (954) 326-9151

In the Southern United States contact:
– John Jason Carden at or +1 (205) 445-3680

In the Central Midwest contact:
– Dan Oliver at or (816) 305-6526

In the North Central United States contact:
– Ben Papale at or (312) 810-4937


Nebula Group DK

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